• combo bounce house rental long island 4 in 1

    4 in 1 Combo Bounce House

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  • inflatable joust rental

    Joust Inflatable Rental

    Ever watch Americans Gladiators and beg for a chance to have a jousting duel? Well here is your oppurtunity. We offer an inflatable joust rental that your opponent cann gently drop onto after you crushed his dignity and pride. Of course no harm intended though, you were just having fun! This is a great way …

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  • Inflatable Train Rental

    Train Obstacle Course Rental

    Our train obstacle course is great fun for the kids. The only thing missing is the conducter! Inside there is an obstacle course and also a slide in the center. This obstacle is enclosed which makes it that much more fun! The variety of colors on the inflatable makes it look just so cool as …

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  • dalmatian moon bounce rental

    Dalmatian Bounce House

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  • Bungee Run Party Rental

    Bungee Run Rental

    The bungee run has become a great attraction over the past few years. The Bungee Run Party Rental is an interesting and fun inflatable. As many come to see it is also a great game for the family and kids to play. You play by first attaching the bungee to a comfortable harness worn around …

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  • inflatable water slide

    Super Slip and Slide Two Lane

    This is a new addition to our large selection of Inflatable Water Slide game rentals.Grab your bathing suits and race your friend down this 2 lane Inflatable Slip-N-Slide

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  • inflatable water slide rental

    Inflatable Water Slide

    This is a new addition to our large inventory of amazing Long Island Water slide rentals. Inflatable water slides are a great way to cool off on those hot summer days. Kids and adults of all ages splash down this 18ft Tropical water slide into a 10ft long pool for a refreshing dunk! Bring a …

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  • inflatable boxing ring rental

    Inflatable Boxing Ring Rental

    Put on the giant gloves and step in the ring against your opponent. This Infltable Bouncy Boxing ring will definitely entertain the guests at your party just as muchas the contestants. The boxing gloves are huge and oversized. Kids and adults alike can box each other on this giant inflatable ring. Perfect for someone looking …

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  • inflatable velcro wall rental

    Velcro Wall Party Rental

    This Inflatable Velcro Wall game is as much fun to watch as it is to participate! Participants put on their colorful Velcro suits, with the single goal of getting as highas they can on the wall and sticking to it!

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  • dual lane obstacle course party rental

    Dual Lap Obstacle Course Rental

    This 360degree inflatable obstacle course is Gigantic! Participants race their opponent through inflatable obstacles then turn a corner to approach a set of steps to climb up and then slide down to victory. Guaranteed to provide tons of intense excitement for children and adults. This inflatable obstacle course is perfect for any size Long Island …

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  • sumo wrestling party rentals

    Sumo Wrestling Party Rentals

    Definitely a ton of good old-fashioned fun. Your guests become the show when put on these gigantic stuffed sumo wrestler suits. Then the battle begins, both participants bounce belly-to-belly until one of them steps outside of the ring to declare a winner. These sumo wrestling matches are perfect for all size Long Island Party rental …

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  • obstacle-course-inflatable-party-rentals

    65 Foot Obstacle Course Rental

    This dual lane obstacle course has it all! Participants race their opponents through atunnel crawl, log jam, 5 foot tackle dummies, then hop over a wall and jump througha mouse hole to finally reach the challenge of a 15ft rockwall slide to climb up andslide down to the finish line! 65ft of intense interactive Inflatable …

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  • moonbouncer long island party rentsl

    3 in 1 Castle Bounce and Slide

    The 3in1 Combo takes bounce play to the next level by having what your kids wantall enclosed in one bouncer. Want excitement? Bouncing, Climbing and Sliding alltied together creates a perfect combo for any Long Island Party rental event. Thisunit has an interior jumping area, climb feature and a convenient exit slide. Kidsand adults go …

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  • inflatable water slide party rental

    18 Foot Water Slide Rental

    By far our most popular summer time Long Island party rental. Inflatable waterslides are a great way to cool off on those hot summer days. Kids and adults of allages splash down this 18ft Dolphin water slide into a 10ft long pool for a refreshing dunk! Bring a water park into your own backyard. ( …

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  • inflatable slide party rental

    Inflatable Giant Slide

    Everyone loves an Inflatable Giant Slide! Nothing can come close to a good oldadrenaline rush while sliding down one of our traditional Giant Inflatable Slides. Ourslides will be sure to keep kids and adults of all ages having fun. We have severaldifferent size Inflatable Slides to choose from to accommodate your Long IslandParty rental. (requires …

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  • inflatable rockwall slide party rental

    Rockwall Slide Party Rental

    Challenge yourself and your guests up this 2 lane 15ft Inflatable Rockwall slide.Participants can race their opponent up the rockwall to the top of the slide, and thenslide down the opposite side to victory! This is the perfect interactive inflatablethat can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages and guaranteed to entertain the crowd.Always a …

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  • inflatable obstacle course rental

    40 Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course

    40ft Obstacle Course This dual lane obstacle course has it all! Participants race their opponents through a tunnel crawl, log jam, 5 foot tackle dummies, then hop over a wall and jump through a mouse hole to the finish line! 40ft of intense interactive Inflatable Fun.This inflatable obstacle course is always a favorite Long Island …

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  • moonbounce party rentals

    Castle Bounce

    These popular inflatable castle bouncer attractions are perfect for any Long Islandparty rental occasion. Everyone from children to adults can enjoy bouncing onour moon bouncers. We carry rainbow colored castle bouncers or Dalmatianpuppy themed bouncers. ( 16’ X 17’ minimum area needed, requires 1 – 15 amp designated circuit outlet needed)

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