Joust Inflatable Rental

inflatable joust rental

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  • cathy mcginn May 05, 2012 

    We would like to rent a joust and water slide for our block party aug 4 2012.
    please email prices and availability.
    thanks cathy

  • Dan Jul 18, 2012 

    Looking to rent the Joust house july 27th

    • admin Jul 26, 2012 

      An email about inflatable joust party rentals was sent to the email address provided. Thanks for your interest if you have any other questions about long island party rentals please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-4-ALL-AGES

  • christine immel Apr 15, 2013 

    I would like to rent a joust for a party on May 11, 2013 can you please email me price and availability.

    Thank you

  • Kristine Jun 18, 2013 

    I would like to Rent a joust for a part on June 29th 2013. Can you please email me price and availability.
    Thank you


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Ever watch Americans Gladiators and beg for a chance to have a jousting duel? Well here is your oppurtunity. We offer an inflatable joust rental that your opponent cann gently drop onto after you crushed his dignity and pride. Of course no harm intended though, you were just having fun! This is a great way have some fun with your family and friends. Rent an Inflatable Joust for your Long Island Party Today.

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