40 Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course

inflatable obstacle course rental

Release Date: 05/19/2011

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  • Casey Jul 11, 2011 

    I was looking to possibly rent the inflatable obstacle course for 7/23. I couldn’t really get a feel for it from the website. Is it adult friendly? Also do you have any other pictures of it I might be able to check out. My plan was to use it for an annual event I have. If you dont have any other pictures of it, or if you just wanna include a quick description of it Id really appreciate it. Also the price it would cost me, thanks.

    • admin Aug 13, 2011 

      It certainly is possible! This obstacle course is definitely suitable for adults and has been rented and utilized by adult partys on a number of occassions. We have other photos of this rental unit as well. We will include them in an email we are sending to this address you provided along with rental information.


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40ft Obstacle Course This dual lane obstacle course has it all! Participants race their opponents through a tunnel crawl, log jam, 5 foot tackle dummies, then hop over a wall and jump through a mouse hole to the finish line! 40ft of intense interactive Inflatable Fun.This inflatable obstacle course is always a favorite Long Island Party rental! Perfect for all ages. ( 13’ X 45’ minimum area needed, requires 1 – 15amp designated circuit outlet)

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