Long Island Block Party Rentals

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LI Block Party Rentals

Rentals For Block Parties On Long Island

As the summer is quickly approaching, more and more people are finding reasons to be outside. Whether you are taking a vacation to the beach with your family, or planning an cookout in your backyard. You will definitely be outside this summer. Block parties are very popular in certain neighbors around the Summer time. If you and your neighbors are thinking of throwing a block party you should use our company Operation Fun for all of your party essentials. We will make sure you have the best block party on Long Island.


Long Island Block Party rentals includes tents, concessions, inflatables and other services as well. If there will be children from all over the block then you should rent an inflatable slide or a bounce house. We have both, you can rent them by the hour for competitive prices.

Our concessions include popcorn machines, snow cone makers, hot dog carts, and even cotton candy makers. All these items are for rent by the hour. Tents are available as well, which include a certain number of chairs. We have large tents and smaller tents as well, all depending upon what your needs are for this particular event.

Block Party Rentals on Long Island, we are simply the best for any type of event you are having. Birthday parties, cookouts, and you can even rent of items for school events, and church events as well. Block Party Rentals on Long Island, should be fun and you should definitely get the most for your money. Our company always strives to be the best, have the best products and offer the best prices. Because we know how important it is when having a block party for everyone to walk away happy.

Long Island Block Party Rentals, the prices can simply be divided between each family who is participating. Our company will definitely work with you on prices if you are renting a lot of items from us on the same day. We just want to ensure that you will have the best block party or even possible.

Our company Operation Fun has been around for a while, we are very popular in Long Island. Most people use us for all their Long Island Block Party and event rentals. Our prices are competitive, and our items are simply the best. Once you use our services, you will definitely tell your family and friends about us. Sometimes word of mouth is the best type of promotion.

When you use us for all of your Block Party Rentals on Long Island, you are simply using the best. You will get the most rental items for your money and we care about how your event is going. Summer is quickly approaching and we want you to go outside and have fun with family and friends.

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  • anand solanki Jul 26, 2013 

    I need to rent grills for barbecue for block party about 75 people.

    I need also need chef


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